The Value of Art: Novos Objectos

What is the value of art today?

PLUNC invites to a reflexion around this interrogation, starting with "The Value of Art" piece by Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau (2010), that adresses the value of attention.

Focusing on the Festival identity - New Media and Digital Arts - we propose an opening talk to debate these definitions, as potentially emancipatory or problematic, in the arts' market(s). How do theory and production, museum spaces and curatorship, convoke and coexist with these elements of a contemporary, technological and interactive art?

29 SET: 18H00 – 20H00 | Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações, Museu das Comunicações | Free entrance

Chair: Nuno Correia

Nuno Correia is a Professor at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Technology. He is the coordinator of the Multimodal Systems area of NOVA-LINCS. His research interests cover several aspects of describing, processing, and presenting multimedia information. He participated in several EU and nationally funded research projects.

Speakers: João Dias, Maria Teresa Cruz and Pedro Gadanho