Nuno Correia | Exhibition

Home is where your heart is (2016)

The multimedia art installation “Home Is Where your Heart Is” has its conception basis in a painting by René Magritte, “Homesickness”, from 1940. The painting illustrates Saudade (portuguese word that means something like longing), a feeling that usually has a negative connotation, which the artwork also reflects. The different interpretations of “Homesickness” as a concept inspire the present installation, that can be summarized in the following question: - If the individual perception of each one of us manifests itself in a different result of “Homesickness”, how can it be represented? This installation is also a study about the human interaction in our country (Portugal), as a home, and in a representation of the strength of the aforementioned “feeling”. The purpose of this installation is to promote the connection to our origins through art, using the new media as the differentiation element.

29 SET: 10H00 – 22H00 | Museu das Comunicações

30 SET - 2 OUT: 10H00 – 18H00 | Museu das Comunicações