Filipe Pais | exhibition

Estática (2015)

Black mirrors, self checkout machines, intelligent objects and high speed internet connections have infiltrated our everyday lives, reducing hand made work but also the physical and visual contact specific to human interactions.

Estática is a sound space that emerges from the physical contact established between participants in the installation space. Estática is not exactly a musical instrument but it proposes a sensorial, ludic relational space where participants can engage in free play with different sound types. The static electricity accumulated in our bodies is transformed into sound waves, opening an unexpected sound space that invites participants to explore bodily expression.

This sound installation was specially developed for the Electricity Museum in Viseu, Portugal and it appears in a peculiar technological moment, reminding us that the electricity which once allowed to gather men after dark, is the same that today creates individual bubbles and spaces that physically separate us.

29 SET - 30 SET: 10H00 – 18H00 | Casa da Cerca

01 OUT - 02 OUT: 13H00 – 18H00 | Casa da Cerca