Thomas Grogan | Exhibition

Artificial Mesmerism (2016)

Halfway between gymnastic equipment and hobbyist furniture, Artificial Mesmerism is a collection of three objects that disrupt the use of mobile electronic devices in order to create mesmeric experiences of nature from the comfort of the living room. Each object invites its user to rest in front of a moving smart-phone or tablet which displays computer generated images of nature. The motion of these natural elements correspond to the device’s physical movement, stimulating an out-of-body experience. In the absence of body movement, mobility is simulated through motion sickness, initiated by a mismatch between vision and bodily sensation. Artificial Mesmerism investigates the use of motion sickness as a new form of exploration. By using virtuality as a substitute to physical mobility, these objects questions our contemporary relationship with nature in the digital age.

29 SET: 10H00 – 22H00 | Museu das Comunicações

30 SET - 2 OUT: 10H00 – 18H00 | Museu das Comunicações