22,23 Sep
16h - 20h

FabLab Lisboa
30€ adults, 20€ children

For the registration please send an email to with a short bio

Paperbots is a small device built with LEGO Mindstorms that reacts to motion or presence by moving paper foldings (origami). It combines digital and physical computation, i.e., low tech kinetic properties of materials - the memory of folded paper - with visual coding, mechanical actuators and sensors as found in LEGO Mindstorms. Paperbots are artbots that want to challenge the common perception of what a robot is through its ephemeral qualities, fragility and playfulness, as well as the ease of construction and reproduction. In PLUNC these robots will be presented as a part of a workshop where participants are invited to have contact with their programming and paper foldings (origami) in a “do it together” logic, sharing the process of construction of a original Paperbot. In addition to demystify the techno-scientific aspect that seems it is conveyed by robotics, the participatory design format of this workshop aims to encourage individual creativity and the proliferation of new Paperbots. The robots resulting from the workshop will be part of the exhibition.

This workshop is aimed at a wide age range, children and/or adults can collaborate. No prior experience in art and or software is required. We can recommend the use of a personal computer, though it is not essential for the workshop.

Isabel Paiva
Isabel Paiva, designer born in Porto (Communication Design, U. Aveiro 2002; New Media, FCSH - New University of Lisbon, 2009). She has been developing experimental work between art and new technologies. She is currently a PhD student at UT Austin-Portugal program. Her research is focused in new materials in the context of ubiquitous computing.