24 Sep

Ginjal Terrasse

For the Festival, we will develop, in site, a new audiovisual live act specific for the city. We aim to present a project that represents the everyday crossovers of the Tejo river. Daily, thousands of people get on board the “cacilheiros” boats, as an essential part of their daily lives, and cross the river between the south and north shores. Looking out the window we behold the river, the seagulls, the Lisbon’s skyline, the smell of a fresh morning and we experience a multisensory journey. We plan exploring the city, capturing sounds and images to be used as content for the live performance. In the end, we will present a live audiovisual performance showing our personal interpretation of city’s sound and visual landscapes.

Ivo Teixeira
Ivo Teixeira, is a visual and new media artist, background in painting and Master in Art and Design for Public Space at Fine Arts University of Porto. Nowadays is a PhD candidate under UT Austin/Portugal program in Digital Media at University of Porto/FCT and his work explore interactive systems in audiovisual installations between the private and public space.

Rodrigo Carvalho
Rodrigo Carvalho is a designer & new media artist from Porto/Portugal. Graduated in Design (Aveiro¬?PT, 2005) and with a Master Degree in Digital Arts (Barcelona,2009). He is nowadays a PhD student in Digital Media in the University of Porto/FCT under the UT Austin/Portugal Program. His work is focused in the relations and the synergies between sound, movement and image in audiovisual real time systems and environments.

Patrícia Nogueira
Patrícia Nogueira is a documentary filmmaker and a doctoral researcher in Digital Media (UT Austin - Portugal, Porto), researching audience in interactive documentary, along with the National Film Board of Canada.

Francisca Rocha Gonçalves
Francisca Rocha Gonçalves has a background in biological sciences with a degree in Veterinary Medicine in ICBAS - University of Porto and right now attending a Multimedia Master (Interactive music and sound design) in FEUP - University of Porto. She combines her interests in music and nature and also performs as a DJ.

Daniel Rodrigues Correia
Daniel Rodrigues Correia is graduated in Marketing (Lisbon-PT, 2007) and in Video Post-production (Lisbon-PT, 2008) and with a Master Degree in Multimedia - Art and Culture (Porto-¬PT, 2015). His work is focused in the audiovisual experience and capturing reality with a special interest in documentary artefacts and their decontextualization.