25 MAY

PLUNC’s second edition will take place in the riverine areas of Lisbon and Almada, between September 29th and October 2nd, 2016. The Open Call is now open up until July 17th. You can submit finished projects, prototypes, ideas and original experiences in the realm of digital art and new media. Interactive projects that involve the public, either through the results or through interactive processes implicit in the execution. The selected projects will integrate the festival’s exhibition. The call results will be announced on August 8th. More information about the Open Call can be found here:


PLUNC wants to bring together artists and new media and digital art students, in order to showcase to the public projects that intersect art and technology, through exhibitions, workshops, talks, performances and round tables. PLUNC is an informal space of permanent dialogue and interaction between authors, their works, and the public. The first edition of the festival showcased works, and was attended by 32 artists, such as Zach Lieberman, Cuppetelli & Mendonza, André Sier, Els Viaene, Alex Rothera and José Carlos Neves. The festival is organized in collaboration with UT Austin | Portugal Program.

PLUNC Paths - Guided Tours to the exhibitions and Transtalks

23 SEP

We have created two path moments between Lisbon and Almada banks that includes guided tours by the artists, connected by a Transtalk, an innovative talk that happens inside the boat while crossing between the banks. Come to discover the festival!

25 September

15h00 - Guided tour to the exhibition On the Shores - Cacilhas with the presence of Alex Rothera and Jude Munkudane
16h30 - Talk inside the boat while crossing from Cacilhas to Cais do Sodré. Talk by Alex Rothera
16h45 - Guided tour to the exhibition On the Shores - Cais do Sodré, with the presence of Cristobal Mendoza, José Carlos Neves, Ivan Vuksanov and Isabel Paiva

26 September

16h30 - Guided tour to the exhibition On the Shores - Cais do Sodré, with the presence of Cristobal Mendoza, José Carlos Neves, Ivan Vuksanov and Isabel Paiva
18h00 - Talk inside the boat while crossing from  Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas. Talk by Ivan Vuksanov
16h15 - Guided tour to the exhibition On the Shores - Cacilhas with the presence of Jude Munkudane


- Tour guides have free admission
- To cross the river by boat, that includes a Transtalk, each person must carry a valid travel ticket

Open Lab Hack the Oceans

21 SEP

Hack the Oceans workshop becomes an Open Lab. Sebastian Muellauer, Benjamin Gaulon and Steffen Klaue will open the doors of their workshop to everybody. Free admission to everyone. The artists will be working everyday in FBAUL: Espaço co-working 4:31 from 14h to 20h and invite everyone to go there, see what they are doing and help in improving its water vessel ORB. The Open Lab culminates with the release of the ORB in the Tagus river in a date to be announced.

Workshops - Registration Open

16 SEP

Registration for the various PLUNC workshops are now open. To apply please send an email to stating the workshop name and sending a short bio. The number of places is limited and the selection is made by order of registration. More information about the workshops at the festival site

Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa (FBAUL)
Hack the oceans
Tutors: Benjamin Gaulon, Sebastian Muellauer and Steffen Klaue
Espaço co-working 4.31 | 21 to 24 September | 14h – 20h | Registration: 45€
Introdução à Computação Física com Arduino
Tutors: Maurício Martins and Tiago Rorke
Espaço co-working 4.31 | 25 September | 11h – 13h and 14h – 18h | Registration: 35€ (Arduino workshop kit - optional: +50€)
Humans, Objects, and the Future of Touch
Tutors: Alex Rothera and Alessandro Bertelle
Room: 3.07 | 26 to 27 September | 14h – 18h | Registration: 25€
Tutors: Zach Lieberman
Espaço co-working 4.31 | 26 September | 14h – 17h | Registration: 15€
Introdução ao Piccolo e CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
Tutors: Maurício Martins and Tiago Rorke
Espaço co-working 4.31 | 27 September | 13 – 18h30 | Registration: 35€ (Piccolo workshop kit – optional: + 100€)
FabLab Lisboa
Tutors: Isabel Paiva
22 to 23 September | 16h – 20h | registration: 30€ adults, 20€ children

Workshop HACK THE OCEANS - Now Open!

09 SEP

Registration is now open for the workshop Hack the oceans by Sebastian MuellauerBenjamin Gaulon and Steffen Klaue, where you can build an environmental aquatic drone and launch it in Tagus river. For the registration please send an email to:, with a short bio.

Hours: 21 to 24 September / 14h - 20h (total 24h)
 Espaço Protótipo da FBAUL - Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa. 
Number of participants:
What you should bring:
 Trazer computador pessoal

Description: ORB is a community-driven and open-source developed, automated, water vessel to monitor and research endangered water ecosystems. Currently it carries various water quality sensors and records under and above water video and sound. During this 4-day workshop we will build additional little floating robots, or extensions on the ORB, which functions as the mothership for our growing, experimental fleet. Participants will gain hands on experience building these platforms that will be the carriers for any experimental add ons. They can be kinetic, electronic and/or sound based to sense and interact with the ocean. The projects will be built from various recycled materials, from the structure to the electronic parts. We will provide basic electronic tools and micro controllers to work with and assist you to realise your concepts. The goal is to end the workshop with a collaboratively developed art piece to deploy and perform in the Lisbon harbor. More infos about ORB on and

Transportes de Lisboa, a partnership with the Tagus as the backdrop

04 SEP

The idea behind the origins of PLUNC festival was to ?connect and approximate the two shores, using the Tagus river as a metaphor for connectivity. Thus it was seen as structural and fundamental a partnership with Transportes de Lisboa that daily connect the two banks with its river transport.

Since both companies share the same vision on how the cities should relate with Tagus river, it  was easy to establish a partnership that on the one hand solidifies the PLUNC festival approach and concept and on the other reveals the dynamic and innovative character of the Transportes de Lisboa and its opening in supporting cultural and artistic activities.

Part of the river terminals in Cais do Sodré and Cacilhas will transform into exhibition spaces of digital and interactive art. Activities and festival schedules are designed to create a dynamic flow between the two shores. To experience and live the festival as a whole people must make journeys between the two sides with activities taking place in various spaces in Cacilhas - Cais do Sodré axis. 

Open Call - Results

04 SEP

Thank you to all those who participated in the Open Call. We received 36 applications from various parts of the world. The selection has become a difficult task due to the quality of the proposals received. We would like to choose more projects, but it is unfortunately not possible. You can check the selected projects and ideas in the list below (in alphabetical order)


  • Dustin Grella e Melissa Ferrari (USA) - "Animation Hotline"
  • Jude Munkudane e Christopher Csikszentmihalyi (Uganda/Portugal) - RootIO"
  • José Carlos Neves (Portugal) - "Amachina"
  • Claudia Oliveira e Eva Domènech (Portugal/Spain) - ""
  • Isabel Paiva (Portugal) - "Paperbots"
  • Ivo Teixeira, Rodrigo Carvalho, Patrícia Nogueira, Francisca Gonçalves e Daniel Correia (Portugal) - "Kobayashi"
  • Ivan Vuksanov e Francisco Salgado (Slovenia/Portugal) - "Tweeting Antennas"


  • Carolina Martins e Mário Lisboa Duarte (Portugal) - "Pontos"
  • Isabel Paiva (Portugal) - "City Skin"
  • Rita Xavier Monteiro e S.A.R.L. (Portugal) - "OSCAR"

First artists confirmed

24 AUG

Els Viaene and Alex Rothera are the two first names confirmed for PLUNC festival. Both artists will be present at the festival. Els Viaene will give a talk and have her installation The Mamori Expedition in the exhibition. Alex Rothera will present his latest project COVE with a talk and also an interactive installation in the exhibition and will give a workshop, besides participating in other festival activities. The final programme of the festival will be announced in early September.

Open Call is now closed!

24 AUG

Thank you to all the participants who sent us their projects! Applications for this edition are now closed. The festival is analyzing the projects and will get in touch with the selected artists in the coming days. The final results will be announced in early September.