On the Shores - Ginjal Terrasse


24,25,26,27 Sep
24 de Setembro: 20h - 24h
25 e 26 de Setembro: 20h – 03h

Ginjal Terrasse

The exhibitions "On the Shores" brought to you by PLUNC are made out of a selection of works that have been spread on both shores of the river Tagus. We therefore depart with an introduction to “interactivity” as one of the areas in digital art and new media - through the selected works - revealing different ways in which the material and the digital relate and come close to one another, not only to a specialised and familiarised audience, but to passengers and passersby who daily cross the river.

There are 4 different locations where you can find these works:

The ferry terminals:
- Cais do Sodré
- Cais de Cacilhas

The Almada Shore:
- Ginjal Terrace
- Casa da Cerca - Centro de Arte Contemporânea

Shipwrecks, sirens, lights and internet. Anthemusa is one of many small Greek rocky islands, believed to be one of the homes of the sirens. In Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous, yet beautiful creatures, portrayed as femmes fatales who attract sailors with their melodious voices and music to their crash. This project soaks visitors in this imagery, recreating the moment of attraction and crash by the control of a small interactive beacon that draws lines of light on the horizon during 27 seconds, submitted by internet users in, and interactive on-site by the movements of a joystick.