On the Shores - Casa da Cerca


24,25,26,27 Sep
24,25,26,27 Set
24 e 25 de Setembro: 10h - 18h
26 de Setembro: 13h – 24h
27 de Setembro: 13h – 18h

Casa da Cerca - Centro de Arte Contemporânea

The exhibitions "On the Shores" brought to you by PLUNC are made out of a selection of works that have been spread on both shores of the river Tagus. We therefore depart with an introduction to “interactivity” as one of the areas in digital art and new media - through the selected works - revealing different ways in which the material and the digital relate and come close to one another, not only to a specialised and familiarised audience, but to passengers and passersby who daily cross the river.

There are 4 different locations where you can find these works:

The ferry terminals:
- Cais do Sodré
- Cais de Cacilhas

The Almada Shore:
- Ginjal Terrace
- Casa da Cerca - Centro de Arte Contemporânea

Tweeting Antennas
Tweeting Antennas is a site-specific installation that explores the relationship between new and old media in today’s hybrid public spaces. It proposes to render visible the digital communication processes that are usually invisible. In particular, it translates geo-localized tweets into the real-time movement of a roof TV antenna. For each alphabetic character the antenna moves into the corresponding position of the Flag Semaphore System. The project is the outcome of a research on the relationships between people and technology in the urban space. In today’s cities, new media and digital technologies are used mostly for surveillance, control and advertising purposes. However, we are not usually aware of technological ubiquity in the city and how it conditions our experience of urban space. Eventually, by becoming more organized and optimized for better performance, cities are at risk of minimizing the human factor and the room for spontaneous and random events. The aim of this project is to explore the possibilities of digital technologies in order to create urban interventions that can render the city a more playful, unexpected and heterogeneous place. By appropriating dead media, Tweeting Antennas proposes a play of contrasts from visible to invisible communication processes, from high to low tech, from contemporary to dead or forgotten media and from virtual to physical environments. The first version of the project was developed within the Master's course in Communication Design and New Media at the Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Lisbon.

In the context of PLUNC exhibition the installation will be placed in two sites. The antennas will be placed in Casa da Cerca in the terrace facing the river and Cais do Sodré terminal. A spectator has go to Casa da Cerca to physically see the antennas working. In Cais do Sodré terminal there will be binoculars where spectators can remotely see the antennas working in the other side of the river, after sending a tweet, addressing the concept of surveillance and message codification.