Drawing++ (invited curator Zach Lieberman)


24,25,26,27 Sep
24, 25, 26 e 27 de Setembro: 10h – 18h
Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa

Drawing ++ is a small exhibition with works on drawing, lines and code. An exhibition curated by Zach Lieberman, to experience some of his most iconic works and some of his new projects.

Golan Levin & Zach Lieberman

Manual Input Sessions
The Manual Input Sessions presents a series of audiovisual vignettes which probe the expressive possibilities of hand gestures and finger movements. Interactions take place on a combination of custom interactive software, an analog overhead projector, and a digital computer video projector. The analog and digital projectors are aligned such that their projections overlap, resulting in an unusual quality of hybridized, dynamic light. During use, the visitors' hand gestures are interpreted by a computer vision system as they pass across the glass top of the overhead projector. In response, the software generates synthetic graphics and sounds that are tightly coupled to the forms and movements of the visitors' actions. The synthetic responses are co-projected over the organic, analog shadows, resulting in an almost magical form of augmented-reality shadow play.

The project itself it fairly straight forward you can draw, move the phone by tilting in different directions, adjust line that you are drawing, create an animated line which pulses and re-draws itself and record an animated gif of whatever you make. Double-tapping (or hitting the trash icon in the menu) clears the app. As an artist I'm constantly thinking about new types of drawing tools, and what does drawing in the 21st century look like -- ink space is research in that realm.

Audio App
An IOS app which streams live radio in the direction you are facing, so if you turn towards china you here chinese radio