Yago de Quay


Yago de Quay graduated Berklee College of Music with a Professional Music degree in guitar. I then enrolled in the master’s in Multimedia centered on Sound Design and Interactive Music. Using my musical background together with new found programming skills I developed various installations that enabled the public to help me create and perform music in real time. My Master’s thesis is about the implementation of interactive music systems in nightclubs. Now I’m getting a PhD at UTAustin that focuses on using body movements, that is dance, to control musical elements. This project goes under the name of Dance Jockey. On a daily basis, I create interactive art installations and performances that enable people to contribute and modify the art piece itself. They always have a strong sonic component and combine technologies to help create new modes of expression.

24 Sep



Ginjal Terrasse

BIOMEDIATION is a sensor based audiovisual performance that digitizes the practice of meditation. Through the use of a EEG headset, the cognitive and emotional experience of the performer is translated dynamically to sound and video compositions in real time. It connects the body to brain activity, merging the physical world with the psychic dimension. Described as a biofeedback process, BIOMEDIATION unveils the role of the brain and emotions as audiovisual feedback and as an instrument for live ...

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