Sebastian Muellauer


Sebastian Muellauer is a native german/austrian creator working in the intersection of Design, Technology, Nature and Human Intervention. He studied Man and Living at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and received a diploma with distinction in industrial design from the University of Arts - Burg Giebichenstein in Halle. His works show a focal interest in ecology, adequate technologies and experimental humanitarian design development. In his practice he advocates values and ethics of collaboration and open source hardware. During his graduation he was traveling the globe with TAKU, a mobile lab for living, work and exploration, doing field research about micro-nations such as intentional communities, experimental cities and new forms of interdisciplinary open source projects. For the past two years he has worked on PROTEI, an international community driven project to develop oil collecting sailing drones. This has led him to create more water technologies, such as ORB, an experimental platform for water monitoring and research. He is currently based on the Field Station Teufelsberg in Berlin, where he is running the Autonomous-System-Laboratory Collaborative.

21,22,23,24 Sep

Hack the oceans


14h – 20h
Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa - Espaço co-working 4.31
45 € For the registration please send an email to with a short bio

ORB is a community-driven and open-source developed, automated, water vessel to monitor and research endangered water ecosystems. Currently it carries various water quality sensors and records under and above water video and sound. During this 4-day workshop we will build additional little floating robots, or extensions on the ORB, which functions as the mothership for our growing, experimental fleet. Participants will gain hands on experience building these platforms that will be the carriers ...

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