José Carlos Neves


José Carlos Neves has a degree in Communication Design and a Master in Multimedia Communication Systems, where he developed a thesis concerning the bond between art, body and technology. His present PHD studies are concerned with «physical interface in interactive art». Currently he manages subjects related to design and technologies at ULHT, where he also teaches Design and Digital Arts. His research project focuses on the dynamic relationship between spectator and work of art.

24,25,26,27 Sep



On the Shores - Cais do Sodré
24, 25 e 26 de Setembro: 10h – 22h
27 de Setembro: 10h – 18h

Terminal Fluvial do Cais do Sodré

In Amachina the autonomy of the interface to the computer is taken as an added value to the work of interactive art, a statement based on the possibility that an interactive machine without digital control is able to act as an interface between human and computer. The interface will become the work of art itself, thereby bringing the contemplative attitude of the whole and the discovery of the interface to a same level; the noise that the interface may add to the contemplation of an interactive artwork will then be attenuated.

Author and Production - José Carlos Neves;
Concept Discussion - José Gomes Pinto;
Methodology Discussion - Inês Secca Ruivo;
Advice - António Martins (eletrónica/ electronics), João Trindade (áudio/audio);
Beta Tester - Rebecca;
Support - ULHT, Leroy Merlin;
Acknowledgment - Odete Barata Neves, Pedro Costa Silva (PtRobotics), Edward (Meccano Spares), Luís Costa e Marco Raposo.