Jonathan Minard


Jonathan Minard is a filmmaker and media historian who investigates culture through the lens of data and networks. His films consider how science fiction and technology shape our hopes and fears about the future.

24,25,26,27 Sep

Clouds Documentary


On the Shores - Cais do Sodré
24, 25 e 26 de Setembro: 10h – 22h
27 de Setembro: 10h – 18h

Terminal Fluvial do Cais do Sodré

A generation of artists and hackers have emerged on the internet, inventing open source technologies for art and design. CLOUDS is an interactive documentary and a portrait of this community of digital pioneers explored through the lens of code and networks. Creative coding is broadly considered the first global art movement of the internet age, and CLOUDS is the most comprehensive documentary on the work of these artists. A new research mode gives viewers an opportunity to dive deeper into all 10 hours of interviews with 40 artists around 150 topics. Participants of the documentary include: Aaron Koblin, Casey Reas, Daniel Shiffman, Golan Levin, Jesse Rosenberg, John Maeda, Karolina Sobecka, Kyle McDonald, Memo Akten and Zach Lieberman, among others.