Benjamin Gaulon


Benjamin Gaulon is an artist, researcher and art college lecturer. He has previously released work under the name "Recyclism". His research focuses on the limits and failures of information and communication technologies; planned obsolescence, consumerism and disposable society; ownership and privacy; through the exploration of détournement, hacking and recycling. His projects can be softwares, installations, pieces of hardware, web based projects, interactive works, street art interventions and are, when applicable, open source. He is currently Associate Professor at The New School Parsons Paris, where he is the program director of the MFA Design + Technology and the BFA AMT (Art, Media and Technology).

He is a member of the Graffiti Research Lab France. He has been lecturer at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, associate researcher at CTVR / the telecommunications research centre (Trinity College) and director of Data 2.0 (Dublin Art and Technology Association). Since 2005 he has been leading workshops and giving lectures in Europe and US about e-waste and hardware Hacking / Recycling. Workshop participants explore the potential of obsolete technologies in a creative way and find new strategies for e-waste recycling. In 2011 he has created the Recyclism Hacklab - a collaborative workspace focused on contemporary DIY and hacking practices. Within this multidisciplinary space he facilitates and teaches both workshops and mentoring sessions in physical computing, hardware hacking and 3D printing. The Recyclism Hacklab provides a wide range of creative practitioners an informal environment where they can engage in critical making, and receive support for self directed research and autonomous learning.

21,22,23,24 Sep

Hack the oceans


14h – 20h
Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa - Espaço co-working 4.31
45 € For the registration please send an email to with a short bio

ORB is a community-driven and open-source developed, automated, water vessel to monitor and research endangered water ecosystems. Currently it carries various water quality sensors and records under and above water video and sound. During this 4-day workshop we will build additional little floating robots, or extensions on the ORB, which functions as the mothership for our growing, experimental fleet. Participants will gain hands on experience building these platforms that will be the carriers ...

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