Alex Rothera


Alex Rothera is a designer and inventor focusing on the intersection of future technologies and contextual design. His work looks to first understand people and contexts to then design elegant and responsible products and technologies.

Alex Rothera is an American designer, artist, and inventor. He is currently a CoFounder of Humane Engineering & also a Creative Technologist for Google Inc.

Alex was previously an interactive designer at Fabrica in Italy. Working for three years for the Walt Disney Company research division, Alex holds two invention patents and two projects that are currently being implemented for 2015 launch in the Walt Disneyworld Parks. His work has previously shown in the Venice Biennale, ARS Electronica, Siggraph, and other international venues.

24,25,26,27 Sep



On the Shores - Cacilhas
24, 25 e 26 de Setembro: 10h – 22h
27 de Setembro: 10h – 18h

Terminal Fluvial de Cacilhas

COVE is a project by Humane Engineering

Cove is a musical journal you create yourself. You can use it to capture your mood or express how you really feel. Create simple, beautiful music loops, save them to your library or share with someone else. A new way to describe how you are feeling. Cove enables you to easily make short loops of rich, emotive music. Simply pick sounds and easily arrange notes to quickly express your mood in that moment. Create private music for yourself or share it as a special moment from your day.

24 Sep

Emotional Technologies


Artist Talks #1

Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa - Auditório Lagoa Henriques

Talks from artists present at the festival who will speak about their works, revealing some of his projects, influences and creative processes

25 Sep



TransTalks #1

Ride ticket

A talk inside the boat, during the trip between the shores, with the duration of the trip - 9 minutes.

26,27 Sep

Humans, Objects and the Future of Touch


14h - 18h
Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa - Sala 3.07
25 € For the registration please send an email to with a short bio

A future is coming very soon where everything will be interactive and responsive. The difficulty will not be hardware, but the design of a new language to surround these objects. The gesture of how we touch objects can mean different things, and how these gestures relate to the interaction for using it.

In our 2-day workshop you will learn how to use acoustic gesture sensing to turn any objects into an interactive one. And then make a working prototype of an interactive object.

Day 1, you ...

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25 Sep

Augmented Aesthetics


Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa - Auditório Lagoa Henriques

Theme: Building up from the debates around concepts such as "New aesthetics", or "post-digital aesthetics" this panel proposes a speculative discussion around the implications of the perceptive and creative expansion offered by modern technology.

Guests: Sally Jane Norman, Alex Rothera, Heitor Alvelos
Moderator: Fernando Nabais

Aesthetics result from a number of cultural, social and religious constructs, among other factors, supported by the capacity of human perception. Bandwidth ...

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