PLUNC is an onomatopoeia. A stone thrown to the Tagus River. The Festival is its visualization, audition, impact measurement, dissipation to both margins and the most unexpected and experimental splashes.

PLUNC is an international festival of Digital Art and New Media taking place on both banks of the river Tagus, in the riverine areas of Lisbon and Almada, in the particular axis Cais do Sodre - Cacilhas.

A festival that presents to the broadest possible audience, projects and works that merge and intersect art and technology through exhibitions, workshops, talks and round tables. An informal space for ongoing dialogue and interaction between artists, their work and the public.

We intend to reinforce the important role of interactivity as a promoter of dialogue between public and creators, not only through the work itself, but also through the creation process of the work.

The concept of interaction - enhanced by new media and digital art - appears here as a driver and amplifier for a concept of proximity, reflected in the attempt to connect and approximate the two shores, using the Tagus river as a metaphor for connectivity.

The festival aims to integrate in a solid way the academic/scientific context with the artistic context, allowing the creation of contaminations, being organized in collaboration with the doctoral program in Digital Media of the UT Austin | Portugal partnership.